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How DST Measures Success

DST is always proud of the success stories we work hard to accomplish. The following are examples of various complex projects, completed successfuly that most closely emphasies our work:

The G3 Group

Baltimore, Maryland

DST was integral in developing G3's cornerstone application, Targetware. The application is used for creating and tracking your direct e-mail marketing campaign. The simple to use web application walks the user through a series of numbered steps. Upload your e-mail receipent list and let Targetware do the rest. Targetware tracks dead addresses, which people received the e-mail, who opened the e-mail and which follow-on links were pursued. All of the tracking information is captured and placed in a series of reports. A more efficient way for any company to communicate with their customers. Perfect for any business, agency or member-driven association. Visit

The Ruppert Companies

Laytonsville, Maryland

Ruppert Companies recently needed a server upgrade. Their aging Windows NT 4.0 Server was becoming problematic and eventual failure appeared to be certain. Ruppert's took a proactive approach and upgraded their file/Exchange server with new hardware and an new Operating System. Closely adhearing to Microsoft's proven disaster recovery procedure, DST successfuly migrated all users, user data and e-mail into the new Windows 2000 Active Directory domain. Visit
www.ruppertcompanies.com to learn more about Ruppert Companies.

Regency Commercial Construction, Inc.

Beltsville, Maryland

Regency, a general construction contractor, needed a more effiect means of communicating with their subcontractors. They and their subs relied heavily on their faxing capabilities. DST installed a Windows Terminal Server environment to deploy a near instantaneous upgrade on all existing user systems. The challange was to get a fax solution to work in the thin client environment. DST researched and implemented a solution from Equisys called Zetafax. The solution enabled all users to use mass faxing features, combined with their exsisting Exchange contacts while in a thin client environment. The end result saved Regency several manhours each month on improved faxing effiecties, and the investment paid for itself in a matter of weeks. Visit www.regencycommercial.com to learn more about Regency Commercial Construction.

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